Dance with flarmingos


Dance with flARmingos is an art piece by new media artist Kristin Lucas. I am providing technical direction and production strategy, enabling Kristin to exhibit a public experience of the concept. 

Kristin was part of the AR/VR research residency I ran in November/December 2016. The residency exposed her to head mounted augmented reality (HoloLens) and affordable motion capture. She incorporated this into an evolution of her ongoing research into the dynamic relationship between humans and flamingos.

In Kristin's words: 

“Dance with flARmingos” is a Mixed Reality experience that features a multispecies dance between humans and flamingos, and pays homage to the flamingo — a consummate showman and embattled victim of environmental neglect — by staging kinship from an ethical distance. To Lucas, this is an exercise in going beyond a human-centered worldview into a more fluid ecological discourse, through the use of technological embodiment and sensory play.

The project is winner of the Engadget Alternate Realities grant and will show at the "Experience Alternate Realities" event on November 14, 2017. Read about the grant.  

Video of the event installation by Kristin Lucas here:

Making of documentary by Engadget.

The project was covered by OPB's State of Wonder show. Listen and watch: